Shower Glass Protection ,


Clear Fusion V protects glass and helps reduce scratching of the glass.                   Clear Fusion is available in the 16 oz bottle and treats all kinds of glass. Auto glass, boat glass, shower glass, table top glass, mirror glass.


Clear-Fusion™ V

By Diamon-Fusion ®

An amazing glass protection product...

DFI, the maker of the patented Diamond-Fusion coating,

proudly introduces Clear-Fusion™V , the best do it yourself coating for glass.

The Glass Protector comes on a pre-moistened towelette,individually packaged that covers up to 14 square feet. Clear-Fusion™ V applies in one easy step to create a nanotechnology-like protective seal that will provide superior water and stain resistance, dramatically reduce the amount of maintenance needed to clean surfaces and offers scratch resistance as well. Excellent for table tops, mirrors, shower doors, shower enclosures,windshields, sinks, porcelain, granite, and other glass-like surfaces.



Revitalize your shower glass that has been treated with Diamon Fusion

Diamon-Fusion Revitalizer NanoPax ®
To Keep Your Treated DFI Surface Protective Coating Like-New for Years to Come


Every surface is different. Some surfaces receive a lot of abuse or are exposed more to abrasion or potential damage, such as a car windshield due to the mechanical abrasion caused by the windshield wipers. Some surfaces receive very little abuse or damage, such as an objet d’art. For those surfaces that are inherently exposed to more damage or abuse, DFI protective coatings can help maintain the beauty and functionality for much longer than were that surface not protected. In such case, however, the coating itself is more exposed to deterioration which, over time, will affect the coating’s effectiveness. If it does happen, you’ll see it as a decrease in water repellency. The coating is still "working"; it’s just not as effective as when it was brand new and first treated. When this happens, a quick and easy application of DFI Revitalizer will precisely "revitalize" the treated surface by bringing back that initial performance to like-new condition. The frequency of the DFI Revitalizer application will depend on the exposure (to abrasion or damage) of the treated surface.