Shower Glass Diy Surface Protection Kit  ,


Clean  hard water spots off glass and treat the glass with this do it yourself kit.

Diamon-Fusion® Do It YourSelf Surface Kit contents:


Restoration Powder

This Powder removes light to moderate stains on glass and most silica-based surfaces.

Glass Rescue

This Super-concentrated paste removes deeply ingrained hard water stains and mineral deposits from glass and glass-like surfaces. It also effectively removes old coatings on glass and other silica-based surfaces.

Clear-Fusion™ V , 4 oz bottle in kit treats up to 240 sf.

This clear liquid seals and protects countertops surfaces, tile surfaces,sinks surfaces,toilets,mirror surfaces, glass shower door surfaces, and window surfaces from mineral and soap scumbuild up,making maintenance easier and requiring less cleaningtime, frequency, effort and ultimately cost.

Nylon Cleaning Puff

This nylon puff is used to wipe down the treated surface.

White Scrubber Pad

This scrubber pad is used with the Restoration Powder or Glass Resue™ to remove stubborn stains.

Microfiber Towel

This soft but durable cloth is used for polishing the surface to enhance its brilliance.

Orig. Price: $100.00

Sale Price: $90.00

Orig. Price: $500.00

Sale Price: $415.00