Shower Glass Protection Nano Pax Product ,

Clear Fusion V is great on glass and helps reduce cleaning and helps repell water.

     If you have a custom shower enclosure and want to reduce maintence,this is for you. Glass around the house could use this protection . Suggested retail price for this applied to glass is around $10.00 a square foot . That equals to great value for your glass product.This is so very easy to apply, First make sure the surface is clean,apply the product and wait about 1 minute,with the same towelette redo same surface to make sure you covered the area.then wipe off,and thats it. The $19.98 price on this product is for 1 pack,which will cover up to 14 square feet of glass surface,if you dont need that much split it with a friend or family member,makes a great gift also. Protect your investment,looks better longer,Thats better than replacing your glass. Remember once it gets that scratch it will always be there.

Orig. Price: $198.50

Sale Price: $149.99

Orig. Price: $109.50

Sale Price: $85.50

Orig. Price: $24.99

Sale Price: $19.98