Measuring Your Shower.Glass Opening Tips ,


Please read these following for further shower glass measuring instructions that may save you time and money...


Important free information here . If your shower enclosure area is tile, ask these questions. What type of grout do we have installed? When was the last time the grout was sealed?

These questions should be answered before any shower glass enclosure is installed .

If your not sure if you have epoxy grout or not then seal it anyways after proper cleaning of your grout. We have seen so many times that homeowners have neglected to reseal the grout because no one shared with them that knowledge. Grout that needs sealing will get stained and grow mold easier and will absorb water and will allow the water to go under any sealents that seal a shower enclosure. Our advise is if you read that the tile grout sealer says reseal ever 7 years , it wont hurt doing it every 3 1/2 years to make sure it stays sealed. Harsh chemicals can and will break down the seal of the grout so please reduce this practise to help our environment.


If you Have a Tile Shower with a curb (This is the higher section you step over to get in the shower and when installed correctly  keeps water out ) you want to make sure that the curb has a slight angle toward the shower before the shower glass installation.. This is very important,  I have seen them angled out.  Not Good , You will have leaks -depending on the shower glass enclosure you have installed - most framed shower glass enclosures will hold water and then eventually leak.

If the shower opening  your measuring is straight which is also called inline,

( The diagram 1 is the example ), With no turns or angles. You will need a level and check the curb to make sure it is level and not out. If the shower curb is not level and you decide to have a Sliding Shower Door. The Shower Glass Enclosure will need an adapter on the bottom to make the top level so the Shower Doors will not move down to the low point,The Doors wont stay shut if this is not done. So make sure its done right the first time.

Lets start with measuring across the top of the shower opening ( A ),and write down the size.

Now measure the center of the shower opening ( B ) ,write down your size.

Now measure the bottom of the shower opening along the curb ( C ),write down your size.

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Shower glass enclosure opening measuring diagram 1

Glass Shower Door Measure Sheet

Take the level and check the Shower walls to make sure they are plumb.When you measured all three areas . They can be the same and not be plumb. Glass will cost more to cut out of square and  most times if walls are plumb a stock cut shower glass door can be used.


     When your shower enclosure layout looks like either shower enclosure opening diagram no. 2 below or shower enclosure opening no. 3 below make sure your angles are either 135 degree or 90 degree angles. Having your angles true will allow you many more options on the types of shower glass enclosures you could have installed. If you don't have true angles then adjustable post will be needed on framed shower glass enclosures. A header will be required for the 3/8" or 1/2" shower glass enclosure installations on shower diagram no. 2 if you can not install on the shower wall. The header also is required on shower diagram no.3 with any type of shower installation. You may find some glass shop out there that would do it without a header, not us ! Shower enclosure safety is first and looks are important but that comes second all the time. If you preplan your shower glass enclosure design which is always a great idea then - the why not question wont have to be asked. If your shower enclosure opening is like shower diagram no.3 then make sure your knee wall or buttresses are square like a door opening and are not angled at this location, many tile people make it angled. Also on a 3/8" 0r 1/2" shower glass install allow at least a 4" at center over on the top of the said knee walls before the buttress return.


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Glass Shower  Enclosure                                      Glass Shower  Enclosure

Shower Diagram No. 2 see below                                      Shower Diagram No. 3 see below

Glass Shower Door Measure Sheet



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