DFI WindShield Defender™,


Windshield Defender™ Series 

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 Reduces windshield chips and windshield cracks,increases windshield vision and reaction time while also reducing windshield night glare.

Do it yourself protection for your auto glass.          Windshield Defender can be applied to all glass on vehicles.

  •  Reduces windshield chips and cracks
  • Increases vision and reaction time
  • Reduces windshield night glare


Auto glass treated and untreated auto glass windshield

Windshield Defender helps extend reaction time by improving visibility under a variety of poor driving conditions. When making a split-second decision, it can make a BIG difference. At 40 mph, university studies prove that glass coatings can give you an extra 58 feet of prevention ( 1 full second of reaction time ). Avoid the hassles of time and money wasted when having to deal with glass repairs or glass replacements, protect insurance rates from unnecessary claims, and protect your family and investments.

------------- IMPACT RESISTANCE -------------

Auto glass windshield treated and untreated auto glass

The windshield helps to support the roof of most vehicles. It's structural integrity is key to overall safety of the occupants. A cracked windshield cannot support the load for which it was designed. Windshield Defender reduces chips and cracks caused by rocks and other road debris, increasing the safety of you and your family.


ABV Glass & Mirror sells  

WindShield Defender™ to ( Do it Yourself  Automobile Owners, Auto Detailers, Automotive Dealers and Auto Glass Shops ) anyone wanting to apply a windshield glass product that comes with many benefits.



- Car Windshields - Truck Windshields - RV Windshields- Delivery Vehicle Windshields - Emergency & Public Transportation Windshields


Based on Technology Used by the U.S. Military on Vehicles in Desert-like Conditions

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